Our belief

In the modern world, technology can enable education to be more efficient, engaging and accessible. Technology is not the end-goal, it is a tool and it can serve as a catalyst in bringing positive change in education. With a large and growing tech talent in Lithuania, we believe more education solutions can and should be created here - Lithuania can be a great place for EdTechs to kick-start and grow, creating a new sector of education technology export, and also bringing a positive change locally.

Our goals

Make Lithuania an attractive place for education innovations 

- Initiate and foster EdTech community in Lithuania.

- Create EdTech sandbox, enabling creation, experimentation, development of education innovations and adoption of the discovered best practices.

- Create a network of organisations and individuals willing to pilot EdTech solutions and ensure economic support for the project implementation.

- Develop and promote financial support mechanisms such as targeted accelerators, funds and governmental project schemes.

Create a change in Lithuanian education system through EdTechs

- Create technology-enabled open, bold and dynamic national education agreement enabling every education system participant to co-create by pitching in suggestions, voting for ideas and taking the lead.

- Effectively use the network of EdTechs and education experts to solve existing and arising education challenges through analyses, consultations and opinion formulations.

- Be thought leader in education through performing education system reviews and in depth analyses, with the goal to advice responsible institutions on possible areas of improvements.

- Build visibility and recognition of EdTech initiatives and solutions in Lithuania.

- Help EdTech founders reach goals and implement their ideas in Lithuania.

- Take an active role in bringing change to Lithuanian education system irrespective of lagging formal decisions, approvals or support.

Promote EdTech Lithuania and its expansion globally

- Communicate and market EdTech Lithuania outside the country with the goal to attract and engage foreign EdTech creators and education experts to pilot solutions in Lithuania.

- Attract foreign EdTechs to start and develop their solutions in Lithuania, broadening and deepening the know-how of the sector and raising the quality of services used in Lithuanian education system.

- Create conditions needed for Lithuanian edTechs to export their know-how and solutions.

Join us in reaching these goals