EdTech Lithuania is an open community of people, who builds technology-based education solutions, works in formal or informal education, wants to take an active role in  creating a positive change in Lithuanian education system, and simply cares about  innovation in education.

Anyone can join...


Education technology (EdTech) startups - whether just starting or already scaling, whether based in Lithuania or looking for ways to kick-start here - join and explore opportunities Lithuania can offer.

Educational institutions

Schools, universities, formal or informal education and academic institutions, willing to explore educational technologies, experiment,  initiate own projects on organisation level and beyond - all are welcome.

Training providers

All content creators - whether offline or online, K-12 or professional, niche or more universal - can join the network. Get connected and maybe the next day you are already changing the instructional design or entering new markets?


If you sometimes feel like a lone wolf fighting for the change and are looking for inspiration, a place to start, find the likeminded people and support in bringing innovation to your class - this is a place for you. 

Policy makers

Policy makers, municipal and governmental institutions implementing education strategies, supervising or supporting formal education system are invited to join, be on top of new developments and step in when needed.

Education enthusiasts

Tired of a slow change happening in the education sector? Want to take an active role in changing this? Interested in learning innovations? You found the right place.

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